augh, title

It’s a busy week for me personally (Monday – Chuck Klosterman dinner/lecture, almost as good as meeting Kurt Vonnegut; Tuesday – John Ralston & Helicopters – canceled, sadly; Thursday – the insanity that is Girl Talk), so I’m going to cop out and just give you some videos to look at / songs to listen to.

Hot Chip – Ready For the Floor (happy bouncy fun with fabulous lo-fi visual effects)
MGMT – Electric Feel (horrid “video”, smooth groove)
Yeasayer – 2080 [live on Conan] (the mannequin-like background singers freak you out in a good way)
Richard Hawley – Serious (mannequins are so in right now, apparently)
Foals – Balloons (Robert Palmer’s girls go flapper, creepy mustaches reign)

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