favorites of two thousand seven

Instead of a “Best Of” list, M|H is presenting you with a favorites list instead. There were too many major albums we didn’t get around to hearing and don’t feel it would make for a very accurate list if the classification was ‘best’.

Nothing is in any particular order, except for albums which are sorted by release date.


The Shins – Wincing the Night Away – 01.23.07
2. Australia
4. Phantom Limb
7. Turn On Me
9. Spilt Needles
10. Girl Sailor

Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High – 02.06.07
2. “The Take Over, The Break’s Over”
7. Thnks Fr the Mmrs
10. The Carpal Tunnel of Love

Hayward Williams – Another Sailor’s Dream – 03.06.07
2. Redwoods
5. Careful, Please
7. A Glance Back
10. A Song For Lou

Brighton, MA – Brighton, MA – 06.19.07
2. Good Kind of Crazy
4. Graceland ’02

Fionn Regan – The End of History – 07.10.07
3. Hunters Map
6. Put A Penny In the Slot
8. Snowy Atlas Mountains
12. Bunker or Basement

June – Make It Blur – 08.07.07
1. No Time For Sense
6. I’d Lose Myself
9. Swallowed
11. Sight For Sore Eyes

John Ralston –Sorry Vampire – 10.02.07
1. Fragile
2. The Only Evidence
9. No One Loves You Like I Do

Coheed & Cambria – No World For Tomorrow – 10.23.07
2. No World For Tomorrow
6. Mother Superior
10. Radio Bye Bye


Chromeo – Fancy Footwork
Les Savy Fav – Patty Lee
Kanye West – Stronger
Cold War Kids – Hospital Beds
Junior Senior – I Like Music (W.O.S.B.)
Treaty of Paris – Waking Up the Dead
Against Me! – Thrash Unreal
Calvin Harris – The Girls
The Comas – Come My Sunshine
Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining
Rooney – When Did Your Heart Go Missing
Matt Pond PA – Magic Boyfriend


Junior Senior
Kings of Leon
Saves the Day
Say Anything
Coheed & Cambria
Andy Jackson

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