when you crack that cary grant act

While the third release from Oklahoma’s Plastic Parachute, Elephants & Giraffes, has a somewhat promising beginning, the rest of the album doesn’t deliver.

The album opens with “Four Alarm Fire”, a spunky power-pop jam featuring lead singer Deb Hooks’ tarted-up-babydoll vocals. Following is the squeaky synth lines in “Take 2” and the often catchy lyrics of “Tres Chic”. After that, however, the album does little to keep itself going.

Too much of the album is predictable and recycled, from the boring pop of the title track to the cheesy key change in “Finish With The Heart”. The lyrics of “The Connection” are trite, “Sway” is a gushy attempt at an arena rock anthem, and the muted cowbell and sneering vocals on “Betty Ford Princess” seem like something Avril Lavigne would love to copy.

The last track on the album, “California (Won’t Give Up On Me)”, offers a glimmer of hope with bouncing drumsticks, piano, and tambourine, but the chorus disappoints with more of the same predictability found throughout.

Elephants & Giraffes dropped in 2007.

Listen to Plastic Parachute here.

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