the world is burning to the sound of the suffering

The apocalypse has never sounded so good.

On their fourth album No World For Tomorrow, Coheed & Cambria bring their epic story to a close – a story so epic I can’t even begin to explain due to its intense nerdiness and lack of commitment on my part to follow it all. For an album by album synopsis, click here. Basically, this album is about the end of the world/civilization.

Full of theater and spectacle, the album opens with acoustic guitar and thunder-like crashes, giving way to the fist-raising call to arms that is “No World For Tomorrow”.

Seventies and eighties influences dominate the early tracks, but are blown away by the beautifully composed “Mother Superior” that layers strings and acoustic guitars against the pairing of bass and piano.

Most outstanding is the album’s (and story’s) coda, a five part piece collectively known as The End Complete. A chorus, classical guitar, and ominous feel paint “The Fall of House Atlantic”, and “Radio Bye Bye” is one of the catchiest songs to come from Coheed & Cambria. As the undead take over (I warned you this was nerdy), a lament is heard in “The Road and The Damned”.

“On the Brink” wraps things up in a multi-movement piece that ranges from an almost jazzy quality to an echo of the theme from “The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut” – where the band last left us on Good Apollo. The track also features a new, soulful tone for vocalist Claudio Sanchez not heard in previous releases.

Though this album marks the end of the story, fans can look forward to the next release, which chronicles the beginning of the Coheed & Cambria epic and prequels the band’s first release, Second Stage Turbine Blade. That is, of course, provided the band does not break up before then. Prior to the making of No World For Tomorrow, two members of the band left. Bassist Michael Todd returned for the recording and has rejoined the band, but drummer Josh Eppard has been replaced. Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins filled in during recording, and Chris Pennie (formerly of Dillinger Escape Plan) has now joined as a permanent member of the group.

No World For Tomorrow drops 10/23/07.

You can view the official album site here.

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