didn’t want to sound like the same shattered heart

It’s refreshing to hear a band that’s having fun without trying to make a joke or parody of some kind. On their debut for Andrew McMahon‘s Airport Tapes and Records label, Treaty of Paris does just that.

Hailing from Chicago, the boys mix sonic influences from the 60s and 80s with unabashed power pop to create the twelve-song blitz that is Sweet Dreams, Sucker.

“Here Goes Nothing” is full of energy and the perfect track to lead off with. Previously heard on their Behind Our Calm Demeanors EP, it’s been updated and polished. Several older songs got the same treatment, including the bouncy “Hello Nurse” and sunshine-y summer anthem “Rollerskates”.

“Elvis Lives” offers up a catchy chorus, and “I’ll Come Back” sounds like an updated 50s ballad. The best track on the album, however, goes to lead single “Waking Up the Dead“. A bit darker and more aggressive than earlier TOP releases, it’s the most dynamic of the group and shows growth in the band’s songwriting.

Sweet Dreams, Sucker drops September 25, 2007.

For tour dates and more, click here.

One thought on “didn’t want to sound like the same shattered heart

  1. Phil Kosch September 25, 2007 / 3:27 pm

    I love you! thank you so much.

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