burst into pieces and scatter through the night

We’ve been a big fan of Brighton, MA for a long time – even before they started calling themselves by that name. Until now, we’ve had to get by on live shows to hear their music (and oh, is it worth it – they were one of our Best of 2006 Bands Worth Paying to See). Now that we’re no longer located in the Midwest, we’re rejoicing in the fact that Brighton, MA’s self-titled debut is finally available.

The EP opens with the big, dynamic, and beautifully produced “Bet You Never Thought” – a Brighton, MA staple that’s been floating around online for some time.

“Ballad For Coolhand” has great pacing and a bass line that you could stride happily through the city to, maybe taking a second to jump on a lamp post a la Gene Kelly while enjoying the group vocals and bright trombone.

Coming on with a stronger sound are “Horseracing” (great at 2:30) and “War of the Roses” which snaps you out of the daze brought on by the doleful yet beautiful “Graceland ’02”.

The best track on the EP is “Good Kind of Crazy” which succeeds in capturing both a feeling of hope and of nostalgia via engaging drums as well as piano and strings that further enrich Brighton, MA’s core sound.

Brighton, MA EP dropped on 06/19/07.
Find out more about Brighton, MA here.

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