yay or nay? you decide.

The following two bands were suggested to me, so I checked them out. Neither are much like anything I tend to listen to, so I thought I’d leave it to you, dear readers, to decide if they get a yay or nay. Be sure to post your thoughts!

Speck Mountain
Chicago-based band whose instrumentation includes the melodica. Female vocals over slow, dreamy indie jams. You can hear a few tracks on their MySpace page – I like “Fjord Song” but could take or leave the others.

Blue States
“The Electric Compliment” falls somewhere between Pink Floyd and Hope of the States. I started off feeling indifferent, but by the time the hand claps come in at the end I was bobbing my head with the best of them. I checked out the other tracks this one-man London band had up for listening but was left unmoved.

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