if you could, would you?

June’s upcoming release, Make It Blur, is thoroughly impressive. They’re one of those bands that I’ve gotten to watch grow up, so to speak. I booked them in late 2004, and thought they were okay. Over the last three years I’ve seen them play several more shows, and each time they were noticeably better. However, I was not prepared for just how good Make It Blur would be.

Logic would dictate that the sheer pop and slick production would make one gag and scream ‘sell-out’ – after all, their press one-sheet compares them to Maroon 5 and The Fray – but the tracks are all unbelievably catchy and still in line with the band June has always been. They’ve managed to take the best of current pop trends and still fit in with their fellow Chicago acts (Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is…, etc).

On this record, June has employed strings, keys, and organ on top of their standard four-piece rock configuration that gives their songs a depth that will work past the clubs and VFW halls and into festivals and arenas. “No Time For Sense” could easily be part of the All-American Rejects’ repetoire, while “Your Shadow” is a synth- and strings-laden lovechild of Maroon 5 and a boy band.

The panting, strings, and repetitive piano opening of “Machine and the Line” provides for an odd psuedo-dance track. Make It Blur‘s penultimate track is darker and angrier, but still keeps with the energy of the album. Make sure to listen through the end of the album – there’s a sad but pretty secret song.

Make It Blur drops 08/07/07.
You can hear a couple of tracks from the album here.
Also, if you figure out what song “Swallowed” rips off interpolates at around 2:20 & 3:10, let us know. We can’t place it and it’s driving us nuts!

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