My friend Jack has been telling me to listen to Chromeo for years. I don’t know if I just never got around to it, or if I wasn’t struck by what I heard. However, I recently gave them another go-round. While most of it is fun and 80s-tacular, something about “Fancy Footwork” is amazing.

Dave 1’s delivery is oddly deadpan, and you can almost see the light glinting off P-Thugg’s grill with each “ah”. It captures the best of 80s synth/dance pop while still sounding modern.

Since they haven’t put out a video for “Fancy Footwork” at this time, I’m going to send you over to their MySpace page to check it out. While you’re there, be sure to read their “About Chromeo” section. It’s cheeky, amusing, and the best band description I’ve read in five years of receiving press kits and reading about me sections.

Go. Listen. Dance.

3 thoughts on “2-step/2-step/2-step

  1. Melby July 23, 2007 / 2:02 am

    The “ah”/ding section of the song makes all of it worthwhile

  2. Mixtapes|Heartbreaks July 23, 2007 / 2:45 pm

    I know, it’s incredible!

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