I love the song “Breaker” by Low, but there’s something about it that vaguely puts me on edge. It’s not the full-on, punched-in-the-stomach kind of assault some songs have the effect of, but more of an uneasy sadness.

I stumbled across the video for the song today, and though it has nothing to do with the song in a lyrical sense, it manages to give me the same reaction. One of the band members eats cake. That’s the action of the video. However, the manner in which he does it gives me the same uneasy feeling as the song. I know it sounds weird, but check it out and see how you feel:

One thought on “nausea

  1. CARLY JANE July 17, 2007 / 10:51 pm

    That’s totally what Anna looks like when she eats cake!

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