every rose has its thorn

The lead single “Closer” from Bleed the Dream’s latest release Killer Inside is a prime example of the direction the album takes. Though Bleed the Dream is known for touring with bands such as Yellowcard and Hawthorne Heights and appearing on both the Vans Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos, the new single and album falls more in the category of hard rock than punk or emo.

While the later tracks on Killer Inside tend to lean vaguely in the direction of So Long, Astoria-era Ataris (“Tell Someone Who Cares”), earlier cuts have echoes of acts like Disturbed and Godsmack – particularly “Voices” and “Drowning is Painless?!”.

Vocalist and new recruit Mark Holmes favors a singing style throughout the album reminiscent of 80s pop/hair-metal vocalists. The slower, ballad-y “Vampires…Don’t Kill For The $” culminates in a polished chorus that would make any hairsprayed and eyelined man in spandex proud, while “This Parking Lot’s A Murder Scene” updates the 80s sound a bit and puts a little weight in the verses.

The highlight of the album is track two, “A Killer Inside”, which is a catchy tune with a standard hard rock sound. Says guitarist Dave Aguilera, “As far as our progression goes, we’re all music lovers and we love everything from country to metal to pop to hardcore…We just wanted to keep it fun and interesting.”

Killer Inside dropped on 4/10/07.
Click here for more information about Bleed the Dream.

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