i’m pretty sure he was on queer eye – sxsw pt 2

More SXSW drivel.

I am still 100% lame and get excited by (or at least am interested in) celebrity sightings. Here are those that I remember and/or thought to write down:

David Cross: We stood next to each other during Saul Williams’ set; sadly it was far too loud to talk to him and he wandered off to a better spot behind the sound board before the show ended.

Matt Pinfield: Broadcasting from a glass booth off of 6th Street for DirecTV.

Steven ? [Steven’s Untitled Rock Show]: He alternately hid by ducking down into a crouch position and mugged for fans with cameras at the Alternative Press Showcase. Also the inspiration for the post title.

Dennis Miller: Taking the down escalator while I was going up. I couldn’t think of anything to say aside from “Hey! Dennis Miller!” so I instead said nothing at all.

John Norris: At Stubb’s with everyone else to see Bloc Party.

Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel [Best Week Ever]: Wandering around outside the Hilton as I crankily waited in line at the taxi stand for almost two hours. It took everything I had in me not to ask Mr. Huebel if he was treating himself tonight (he is currently in an Olive Garden commercial that drives me nuts). It wasn’t anything person, I had just been WAITING FOR A TAXI FOR TWO HOURS.

So I guess my ‘celebrity sightings’ were more along the lines of ‘people who are on VH1 countdown shows and MTV News,’ but that’s okay.

During the day, magazines, labels, agencies, and the like host parties to entertain people who don’t want to spend their time in the stuffy convention center and would rather be drinking for free and listening to bands.

purevolume.com Indoors: I stopped by for an acoustic set by Treaty of Paris, recently signed to Andrew McMahon’s (Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin) label, had a free strawberry daiquiri, and watched attendees play around with expensive-looking keyboards, samplers, and a totally sweet electronic drum kit.

Fader Fort: See also: hipster heaven. Free water, beer, and SoCo punch, along with an appearance of The Ice Cream Man (independently wealthy gentleman who tours the country to materialize at shows with free, no-strings-attached ice cream treats) and impeccably chosen musical guests (DATArock, The Good, The Bad, & The Queen) made this ridiculously large building a beacon for the hippest SXSW attendees.

Next up: the music. Who’d have thunk?

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