listen up: fall asleep with your headphones on

Here is a new mixtape for your listening pleasure. It’s kind of a cheat as it’s 1.25 years old, but most of you have never heard it before. It’s called Fall Asleep With Your Headphones On and I made it for my friend Tim (though it is about someone else entirely). It is an excellent breakup playlist.

Fall Asleep With Your Headphones On
01| Death Cab for Cutie – Marching Bands of Manhattan
02| The Postal Service – Brand New Colony
03| Frou Frou – Let Go
04| Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming
05| Matt Pond PA – The Summer Is Coming
06| Between the Buried and Me – Colorblind
07| The Honorary Title – Everything I Once Had
08| Dashboard Confessional – Remember to Breathe
09| Rocky Votolato – Suicide Medicine
10| Colin Hay – I Just Don’t Think That I’ll Ever Get Over You
11| Motion City Soundtrack – My Favorite Accident (acoustic)
12| Fall Out Boy – Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner (acoustic)
13| Saves the Day – Take Our Cars Now
14| Ted Leo – Since U Been Gone
15| Rhett Miller – Your Nervous Heart
16| Ben Lee – How To Survive A Broken Heart
17| The Beatles – You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
18| Jamie Cullum – High & Dry
19| The Format – A Mess to Be Made
20| Dog’s Eye View – Umbrella

The file will continue to load and keep its place if paused.

3 thoughts on “listen up: fall asleep with your headphones on

  1. James February 20, 2007 / 3:49 pm

    I’ve had this playlist for a while, and I was very reluctant to listen to it, because I like to be stubborn about everything. But one night, I put it on while I went to sleep (I didn’t wear headphones though) and I really liked the mix, so I listened to it a few times in my car… and it has really grown on me! I think I will be listening to it again for my drive home. Thanks Stacey!

  2. anna kristin April 5, 2007 / 8:43 pm

    so miss stacey, i loved this mix (i’ll admit it was in large part because you have my [second] love rocky votolato on there…), but you need to post something new! I need some new music and nothing that’s new lately is doing it for me….

    love ya babe!

  3. mixtapes April 6, 2007 / 10:46 am

    Once I get moved in (my stuff is en route from Madison) and get internet and all that fun stuff, I will try to make a newer mix tape. A lot of my stuff is copied onto my parents’ computer so I’ll need to retreive that as well. But I’ll start brainstorming and see what I can do.

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