if you wanna fall in love or just mess around

If you’re looking for a sound that you’ve never heard before, you aren’t going to find it on Locksley’s latest full-length album Don’t Make Me Wait.

If you’re looking for extremely well-crafted and catchy garage-pop that will remind you of The Mooney Suzuki, a bit of The Strokes, and more than a little of The Beatles, this is your album.

You may have encountered Locksley already without knowing it. Their title track is featured in the latest Cingular-now-AT&T commercial, and the band is responsible for the title theme of MTV’s thankfully short-lived ode to stalkerdom, Why Can’t I Be You?.

The album is heavy with jangly pop hits, the best of them being “She Does”. It is without question a great rock song, extremely catchy, and the highlight of the album. “Up the Stairs” offers a slightly darker sound, and “All Over Again” is more rock than pop.

Throughout the album the listener is bombarded with Beatles-esque vocal harmonies, which is no surprise if you’ve ever seen the band live. Shaggy hair, Beatle boots, matching outfits and synchronized bows are par for the course at any Locksley show. The fact that the band openly embraces being influenced by The Beatles is what allows them to succeed where Oasis failed. The best example of Locksley’s use of harmony is on “All of the Time”. The EP version is even more convincing – if played for an average listener under the premise that it was a previously unreleased Beatles tune they would most likely be fooled.

The first song on the album to sound like it’s not channeling another band is “It Won’t Be For Long”, but it’s not one of the album’s better tracks. Directly following it is “For You (Part I)” which is a complete departure in that the vocals sound like Coldplay’s Chris Martin as opposed to one of the Fab Four and the music is acoustic and hollow, leading up to “For You (Part II)” which kicks back in with the typical Locksley sound.

For what this album lacks in originality, it’s made up for in what it set out to accomplish. The album is full of great rock songs that you can hum along to and will have in your head for days to come. The band can play their instruments and can sing in tune, which is more than many can say. Also, they have a passion for what they’re doing and no one can fault them for that.

Don’t Make Me Wait dropped on 1/16/07.
Find out more about Locksley here.

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