so fly she was trans-atlantic

The question that’s been on my mind for the last two days is this – Mickey Avalon: genius or worst thing i’ve ever heard?

A couple of weeks ago I heard his single “Jane Fonda” and thought the lazy, country-ish guitar hook was mighty catchy but the lyrics were terrible.

I still feel the same way.

However, I can’t get the damn song out of my head. It laid dormant for a couple of weeks until two days ago when it inexplicably popped into my head and I CANNOT GET IT OUT. So I looked into it little bit. According to, Avalon is an ex-drug dealer/addict who comes from a hard knocks background and was in a rap group with Simon Rex. Yes, Simon Rex the MTV VJ. Avalon’s MySpace pictures reveal him to be a willowy, tattooed, punk kid, which somehow makes the inane lyrical content of “Jane Fonda” acceptable and even funny.

So I don’t know. Is “Jane Fonda” great due to it’s catchiness and presumably satiric nature? Or is it actually one of the worst songs ever written and my sad, pop-hungry brain just can’t get enough? If I figure it out I’ll let you know, until then I’ll be jazzercise-ing to the tune of “one, two, three, four – get your booty on the dance floor”.

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