size matters

Size matters…or at least it does when it comes to bringing cameras to the Metro in Chicago. Though I was told photography was allowed, apparently my 35mm SLR was too big.

So no pictures.


The show was lots of fun, here’s a quick rundown:

-We got there a little late due to the camera debacle and having to walk it back to the car. Unfortunately we missed all but their last song, which was a nice little alt-country rocker. I’ve never listened to them before but now I plan on it.

-Really, really boring. I couldn’t hum back a single song.

-Yet another band I’ve heard of for some time, but haven’t ever checked out. They were energetic and catchy, but sadly this was their last show so I will not have the opportunity to catch them again. THR: 2002-2007.

-Now boasting a giant inflatable cherry, they are even more fun to watch. It was one of the better performances of theirs I’ve seen, the Broken Bride and new material sounding best. They are headed off to LA next week to start recording their major label debut for Island Records.

-A stellar turnout, palpable excitement, and genuine gratitude for their fans capped off the evening for these gentlemen. It was their first time headlining the Metro and they made it count.

Hope you all had fabulous weekends, I’m still down in the Chicago area making the rounds. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

One thought on “size matters

  1. Anonymous January 8, 2007 / 10:21 pm

    The inflatable cherry was quite bulbous. Where does one even find such an item?

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