[you’re] welcome

I like music. A lot. And I talk about it to the point that it’s probably annoying to most people. So, instead of driving everyone nuts with my stupid running commentary and horrible speaking skills, I thought I would try getting most of it out on the ‘internets’ instead.

Expect lots of reviews (aka my biased opinion on concerts, CDs, books, people, etc), shameless promotion of things I like, non-music-related tangents, and for me to give up on this and forget about it after three mediocre posts.

My real goal is to someday develop this into a legitimate blog (oxymoron? perhaps.) and have real interviews and insightful commentary on today’s ever-finicky popular culture. Also, going legit will somehow validate my $60,000+ journalism degree. Right?

Happy reading.

2 thoughts on “[you’re] welcome

  1. beth December 1, 2006 / 1:24 am

    Yay! It’s like my blog but about music that doesn’t suck!

    I’m excited. And once I get to a computer with sound, I will check out the videos. Can’t wait.

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