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m(h)tv2013 pt. 2

Continuing to empty my inbox of music videos I flagged to post in 2013. Here is part two.

GOVS – Holy Infinity

Drowners – Luv, Hold Me Down

Cate Le Bon – Are You With Me Now?


no women sang his songs

Dances – Rat

There’s something endearing about this video for “Rat” from Dances that keeps you watching even if juvenile-leaning punk typically isn’t your thing. Drummer David Su hammers on his kit throughout while the video cuts to a hooded, smoking Trevor Vaz stepping and twirling his way down a country road. The appeal may come from these gents reminding you of the affable guys you stood shoulder to shoulder with at sweaty shows in VFW basements, who while wearing lots of black and a pounds-worth of metal studs had more interest in eating pizza and goofing around than telling “the man” to go shove it.

there’s no use in crying if you’re drowning in the sea

La Sera – Running Wild

Jubilant post-chorus guitars and crashing drums crush themselves against downer lyrics in La Sera‘s second single from Hour of the Dawn, “Running Wild.” You can check out Katy Goodman’s also-excellent first single from the record here.


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