get up, get down

Sylvan Esso – Coffee

My baby does the hanky panky, she’ll dance all her cares away. It’s really too bad there aren’t more people dancing in real life all the time. Bring on the spandex jumpsuits, world. We’re ready. Sylvan Esso will give us all the buzz we need.

it don’t make sense

The Trouble With Templeton – Soldiers

Memories and nightmares cling to us like shadows, or at least I think that’s what’s going on in the video for “Soldiers” by The Trouble With Templeton. The echos of this track by the Brisbane, Australia quintet will haunt you, too – it doesn’t really sound like anything else and nips at your heels when you try to move on.

i can see you with my eyes shut

Bombay Bicycle Club – Feel

Appropriate to its title, the video for “Feel” by Bombay Bicycle Club has got viewers feeling emotions. There’s something honest and sweet at play despite the theatrical Bollywood setting. Hope rides the strings of the chorus as we secretly hope we bump into someone next time we turn a corner.

found a piece of me staring at the sea

Future Islands – A Dream of You and Me

There’s something so completely soothing about “A Dream of You and Me” and its video from Future Islands. It’s calming to see what patterns can emerge from the randomness of the sea lapping at the shore.

i made a guess about your craziness and no

Kishi Bashi – Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!

The video for Kishi Bashi‘s “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” is the manifestation of the phrase, “It’s so cute I could puke rainbows.” Bright colors, bounding anthropomorphic blobs, and an endless sea of violin-playing Ishibashis are all set in a world that looks to be inspired by Sergio Albiac‘s portrait-making. Video aside, the song itself is one of the happiest things you’ll hear this spring (a somewhat unsurprising fact given the label’s name is Joyful Noise). We tend toward downers at M|H, but every now and then we like to turn our faces to the sunlight.

don’t confuse me

Wild Beasts – Wanderlust

With lyrics like “don’t confuse me with someone who gives a fuck,” it’s no surprise that the video for “Wanderlust” is filled with dark synth and people running from themselves. Wild Beasts capture the side of 80s that isn’t recreated in blinding neon nostalgia. The muted colors temper the disgust that seems to be bubbling to the surface, a sentiment further displayed when the actors lip sync at the end.

my eyes blew out i could finally see

D.D. Dumbo – Tropical Oceans

In this rapturous video for “Tropical Oceans”, Australian artist D.D. Dumbo‘s magnetic song gets showcased by long shots in still life. The serene landscapes pull the track into sharp focus, the distorted guitar crashing over us while Oliver Hugh Perry’s searching yelp buoys above, a beacon in the storm.


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