well i made you look, i made you stare

Ed Thomas – On My Own

I first stumbled across Ed Thomas when a DJ played “Blk & Blu” by Chase & Status one night at a small, sign-less bar. The vocals caught my attention and I added the track to several playlists. Fast forward and Thomas’s work under his own name is equally catchy. The lords of dance that comprise the video for “On My Own” are the icing on the cake. Thomas is offering the Outlaws EP on which the aforementioned track appears for free; visit his site to download it or listen to below.

i swear i’m a good man

Foxing – Rory

Any long-time reader of M|H knows we have a weakness for artists who flay themselves to their emotional cores, and Foxing has done this better than anyone we’ve seen in awhile. Raw and almost uncomfortably honest, one can’t help but believe vocalist Conor Murphy when he sings, “extracted my heart while it was still beating.” The video is lovely as well – there’s a cloud that hangs over the proceedings and we couldn’t be happier to have our parade rained on.

maybe we’ll turn out okay

The Colourist – We Won’t Go Home

“We Won’t Go Home” is a catchy pop tune from Orange County’s The Colourist.  There’s an earnest urgency that makes you want to fight on their side and run away with them even though “surely you can see we’re moving way too slow.” They may not know where they’re going, but listeners will follow them regardless.

there’s lions between us

William Fitzsimmons – Lions

Simple beauty is at heart in this video for “Lions” from William Fitzsimmons. Alone with his guitar in a workshop, he doesn’t need flash or glamour to draw his audience in – the music takes center stage and that’s all we really need. A master of melancholia, Fitzsimmons’s quiet tunes pack a punch that’ll knock you over. Catch him on tour this spring – he’s truly lovely live.

they may be done, what if i’m not yet?

Malibu Shark Attack f/The Dudley Corporation – Better Off As Friends

This video for “Better Off As Friends” by Malibu Shark Attack has tripped my mind back in time to a decade ago – indie rap, crying over records, and being seriously bummed out by some of the artistic choices of some of my favorite artists were all hallmarks of my college existence. If you told me this song was recorded in the mid-2000s I’d believe you; it’s not a dig – sometimes it’s nice to revisit old favorites. Rocky O’Reilly and Tribe One just let us do it in a new way.

it’s true terror in the middle of the night

Ball Park Music – Surrender

Baseball season is upon us, and for those seventh-inning stretches there’s nothing more American than Ball Park Music. Except that they’re, well, Australian. And have nothing to do with baseball. If you want American music about baseball, you should actually check out The Baseball Project – but I digress. “Surrender” has been around for awhile but got its official UK release yesterday, so maybe it’ll hit the States in a similar fashion. I figured I’d share it with you now to keep you ahead of the curve (ball). Sorry. I’ll stop now.

it’s the combination that takes emotions

Sharon Van Etten – Taking Chances

Sharon Van Etten and her velvet voice are back with this video for “Taking Chances.” A somewhat other-worldly tarot reading takes a turn, revealing what’s locked away.


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